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Net Entertainment Online Casinos Offer Real-Time 3D Thrills with New “AliensTM” Slot

Net Entertainment Online Casinos Offer Real-Time 3D Thrills with New “AliensTM” Slot

The much-awaited “AliensTM” online slot unveiled by Net Entertainment at the ICE Totally Gaming Conference last February of this year, is now available for play at online casinos supported by the Sweden-based games developer. It is an online video slot game that adds a touch of 3D real time adventure in a first person mode, to a player’s reel-spinning actions.

In this “AliensTM” free casino slot game, players have to complete a mission in each level, namely: The Search, The Encounter and The Queen Hive, which are otherwise known as the regular, bonus and special feature rounds of the game.

The Search

In the regular round, alien icons that make up the matching combination of a winning payline except the WILD symbol will cause the Alien Activity Meter bar to rise. If the spin does not return with a winning combination, the meter goes down by one notch; but if every spin results to a win, there will be more alien icons to set off the activity meter. Once the meter reaches the maximum limit, “The Encounter” level will be activated.

The Encounter

The second level features a set of overlay icons that has a guaranteed multiplier and randomly awards free spins. Winning free spins during the round increases the ammunition in the ammo clip; but if a player’s ammo clip (or free spin) runs out, an alien will succeed in stopping the player to end the round. A player who makes it to the Queen Hive though, will enter the special bonus round.

The Queen Hive

This is the level where high paying multipliers can be randomly won. Hitting high multipliers means increasing the power of the weapon being used in annihilating the Queen Hive. The higher the number of the multiplier used, the greater the cash awarded as win credits.