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“PokerRPG” Creator Releases Beta Version of Crowdfunded “CasinoRPG”

“PokerRPG” Creator Releases Beta Version of Crowdfunded “CasinoRPG”

Encouraged by the success of its social game “PokerRPG”, Oklahoma-based Goldfire Studios launched a crowdsourcing fund campaign via Kickstarter early this year, to complete another gambling-themed social game. After a successful crowdfunding campaign, “CasinoRPG” is now available to play in beta version at any web browser, since Goldfire created the game in HTML5.


MMORPG seems to be the current trend in social casino games as this allows players to experience the feel of playing at online casinos by actually interacting with other players in real time. This type of gaming allows “CasinoRPG” to be different by giving players missions to complete and jobs to work their way through. The ultimate goal is that of becoming a successful casino tycoon in a virtual gaming world.

A player has to work from the lowest job level to earn wages, and must aim to meet the level of skills required to earn higher wages or get a promotion for a higher paying job. Wages received will have equivalent casino points that serve as primary currency for buying virtual items such as casino chips, clothes and real estate, as well as casino furnishings.

By playing casino games such as blackjack, slots and poker, players get to earn more casino points to finance their casino-building mission. However, the game is not just a matter of building a gambling joint in the virtual city, as there are performance and efficiency metrics by which a player-owned casino will be rated in order to elevate one’s status and experience level.