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Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

All of the terms of service that are listed on this page are subject to planned or sudden changes at any time. These changes can happen without any prior notifications or announcements. Even after the change takes place, FREE CASINO, is not obligated to announce the change. Same applies to all of the content that is offered on the website as it can be changed at any time due to the fact that the industry is an ever changing one. All of this content is offered to aid users in their research purposes. can accept money in exchange of publishing certain content such as articles and casino reviews.

Once any user opens the website in order to view any of the content that is on offer or utilize any of the services, it means that he is automatically consenting to all of these terms. It is the responsibility of each user to view the terms and understand them. Any user who might have any issues with any of the terms should not use this website or view any of its content.

The website assures all of its visitors that it doesn’t condone any kind of use of cookies but the same can’t be said about the external websites that FREE CASINO might link to. These websites might use cookies or offer harmful content and FREE CASINO is not responsible or in any way in control of these external websites. So any users who click on the links to access these websites are doing is on their own responsibility.

FREE CASINO is not required to view the different rules and regulations of each jurisdiction since it is the responsibility of the users to check the rules of his jurisdiction regarding what this website has to offer and to abide by them.

Privacy Policy Terms:

FREE CASINO utilizes advanced encryption systems and firewalls in order to protect the personal and private data that the users of the website will provide. This enables the users to provide such data with complete peace of mind.

The users can also be assured that the information that they provide will not be shared or sold to other websites or 3rd parties at any cost. The information will only be shared with affiliates of FREE CASINO and partner websites.

This would allow FREE CASINO to provide its users with the customer support that they need. It will also help the website ensure the correct delivery of the products that users have bought off FREE CASINO.

The information will only be disclosed to legal authorities who address the website and ask it to reveal the personal data of any of its users with a legal warrant.
The information that the users of FREE CASINO will provide includes physical address, email address and billing address. It also includes a username, first name and last name alongside other information.

The users will provide such information by filling the sign up form that they will have to fill in order to create an account on FREE CASINO. The users who do not want to provide any data will be able to browse the website without having to fill in such form. Other information can be gathered through the surveys and polls that FREE CASINO will regularly hold.

The users will be able to upload content onto the website in certain cases. The website retains the right to make any modifications to the uploaded content without notifying the users. The website can even remove any of the content if it is found to be abusive or harmful to any of the website’s users.