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Poker Playing at Capitol Hill Boosts Mobile Casino App Downloads

Poker Playing at Capitol Hill Boosts Mobile Casino App Downloads

As news and the photo about Senator John McCain’s erstwhile poker playing at a critical senate hearing drew much attention, the same thing can be said for the iOS mobile app being used by the Arizona Republican senator.

A representative of the San Francisco based mobile game company TinyCo, was happy to disclose that since the news about Sen.McCain’s poker playing went viral, the number of daily downloads for their VIP Poker app went up by at least 30 percent. The TinyCo spokesperson was quite proud that the Republican lawmaker was playing with their mobile poker game; as he went on to add, “The senator has great taste in mobile apps.”

So, it seems that many became interested over Senator McCain’s choice of mobile poker app, since it is a known fact that online gambling in the U.S. is still illegal. Currently, Nevada’s Ultimate Poker is still the only legal real money online poker offering and is available only to those playing within Nevada’s jurisdiction.

Actually, VIP Poker by TinyCo is a free to download poker app for iOS devices that does not require the opening of a real money account. Players use virtual chips that they can buy, or earn from playing Texas Hold’em. Mobile gamers can choose their own game speed based on their poker playing skills.

Still, the Arizona senator’s mobile poker fiasco irked a number of online poker supporters, as they accuse the lawmaker of double-dealing over the issue of Internet gambling. This was in light of the fact that Senator McCain staunchly supported a bill introduced in 1998 called Internet Gambling Amendment. Albeit, the enactment of the bill did not materialize at that time, it sought to ban the act of placing, receiving, or making a bet or wager on the Internet.