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Responsible Gambling

There are numerous websites, amazing places, and some major events around the world that are dedicated to the past time of gambling. Gambling is a very fun hobby for some, and others it is a source of income. Still, with others gambling can pose a very dangerous and detrimental part of their lives. Even though gambling can be enjoyed in moderation, an excess can lead to addiction and a further downward spiral that can affect an individual’s personal and professional life. Like with anything that a person can become addicted to, there are steps a person can take to ensure that addiction is avoided while still enjoying the activity itself.

An online casino is an online gambling website that has put in place several interactive models that will help users to enjoy a responsible gambling experience. They established a checklist of questions that users are to ask themselves. The questions are meant to assess how much gambling is affecting other areas of the user’s life. Users are to ask themselves the questions and provide a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response. The more ‘yes’ answers that are given in response to the questions, the higher chance the individual has a gambling problem. An online casino has provided links to two great resources that can help people with gambling problems: Gamcare as well as Gamblers Anonymous.

Gamblers who use an online casino and begin to experience gambling problems are encouraged to take advantage of the self-exclusion policy that an online casino has put in place. Essentially, users have the opportunity to fill out a form or request in an email that their account be closed by an online casino and have further bets prevented from being placed during a structured time period. To reopen their account, users must call an online casino and give oral confirmation that they want their accounts reopened. Even then, users have a 24 hour period to consider their decision before their account is fully accessible. An online casino has implemented this tool as a great way to help users self-regulate their use with a little help from the website itself.

Another great tool that users can take advantage of is setting deposit limits. An online casino offers users a great opportunity to limit how much money they can deposit into their account on the gambling website. Limits can be set on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis, all to the user’s customized preferences. A reduction in the limit can always be made and takes effect immediately. In order to increase the limit however, users must wait 24 hours before it takes effect. This is another grace period that an online casino provides their users in order to give them time to consider if their decision is best for them with respect to their gambling habits. An online casino also encourages their users to set a limit on how long they use the gambling website. They mention online stop watches as a useful tool. This is another self-limiting factor that users can be in control of to try and keep themselves from developing gambling habits.

One of the final tools that an online casino has put in place for their users is the option to of taking time out. With this feature, users can take time off from gambling and close their account for a maximum of six weeks. It is a good idea to use this feature during a busy time in which an individual doesn’t want to have temptation to spend time or money on gambling. During the chosen period of time, an online casino will withhold marketing promotions or any other form of offers that would normally go to a user’s account. They also allow users an opportunity to block certain products on their website. This all can be accessed from the user’s personal account. It is further recommended that individuals that want to block themselves from using the website make use of a few popular “blockers” that restrict access to gambling websites. These include Gamblock and Gamstop.

Beyond the services provided directly through an online casino’s website, they also encourage their users to take advantage of friends and family for support. Also, they acknowledge the importance of putting an end to underage gambling. Overall, an online casino strives to provide a safe and fun environment in which users can enjoy the products and services they provide in a responsible and productive way. If users find themselves slipping into a gambling problem, an online casino has outlined several ways in which they can help and several ways in which users can help themselves. Gambling is an enjoyable experience that has to be used with responsibility to prevent negative outcomes.